A Tortilleria Nixtamal serving our core mission: To make high quality all-natural nixtamal available to all.


Our all-natural promise


These tortillas taste just-came-out-of-the-oven fresh. Not papery and bland like most brands. That’s because we use a traditional nixtamalization process to unite our fresh ingredients. And unlike the other guys, we protect the freshness of our flavors with real whole-grain corn and natural techniques, never processed radiated flour, or artificial preservatives.


Why nixtamal?

The difference between a fresh, nixtamal tortilla and a processed corn flour tortilla is the difference between a freshly baked baguette and a bag of Wonder Bread.

Our nixtamal tortillas are softer, more pliable and aromatic. Fresh nixtamal tortillas have a warm, dulce aroma and a cleaner, more precise corn flavor. Corn flour tortillas are a distant second to the real thing.

What’s nixtamal?

Ah, sweet discovery. To answer that question, let’s get personal:

When is the last time you discovered something amazing? 

3,500 years ago Meso-American women would journey down to the lakebed to soak, soften and grind their corn against the soft limestone of the water’s edge. Suddenly, a huge discovery: The grinding process created a delicate powder of Calcium Hydroxide, also called “Cal Mexicana” or “Lime.” By immersing the corn in this powder before heating it, the corn was better able to absorb water, making it more flavorful and giving it a massive nutritional turbo-boost. The Aztec named this new superfood “Nixtamal.”

There you go, now you can impress your friends with your knowledge of ancient history and food culture!

More importantly, now you can stop eating paper — and discover nixtamal.