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White and Blue Corn Tortillas
4, 5, 6, and 10 inch nixtamal tortillas, available extra-soft and Hi-Lime.

Fresh Ground White & Blue Masa
White and blue all-purpose masa. Our fresh ground masa is ideal for making tortillas, pupusas, gorditas, sopes, and more. Our masa is also great for gluten-free cooking and baking. It can be used to make chips, gluten-free pizza crusts, and cookies.

Tamale Masa
Our proprietary, classically coarse tamale blend lends delightful texture to tamales.

Whole Chip Tortillas/Tostadas/Totopos
A delicious, natural corn flavor & aroma with a satisfying crunch.


Pre-cut Nixtamal Chip Tortillas

The ONLY pre-cut nixtamal chip tortillas made in the New York area!

Our non-gmo corn is cooked, treated, and ground specifically for chip frying.  


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