Free Desktop Organizer Wallpaper 1000.png

Here's something new and different for your computer: A desktop organizer, and it's totally free!

Use this desktop organizer as your computer wallpaper background image and drag and organize folders of files by section to get your desktop neat and organized!

Ready to organize your messy desktop? Just drag those sloppy files and folders into the labeled areas.

Those fun dishes you've been wanting to cook? Move them into the recipes area. That project you're going to get to? Put it with To-Do's. Put those inspiration files under ideas, where you can actually see them. There's even a sorting area!

If you know anyone who loves tortillas as much as you do, be sure to share this one-of-a-kind tortilla-lover's wallpaper.

Download free desktop organizer by clicking the button below and then use the blue download button on the next page.